healthy indoor climate
saves energy

Energy-efficient humidifier and cooler

The innovative humidifier from HomEvap increases comfort in every living and working environment and ensures a healthy indoor climate. No more pricking eyes, irritated nose or static electricity due to dry air. People with asthma benefit greatly from a good humidifier. HomEvap reduces dust and ensures a constant and healthy air humidity in the living and working environment. In addition, good humidity protects your furniture, precious art, wooden floors and musical instruments.

Safe and healthy
The humidifier is equipped as standard with a preheater for more efficiency and a legionella filter for a safe and healthy indoor climate. Can be connected directly to any WTW or as a stand alone equipped with a fanbox.

Pleasant indoor climate
If you can not cool your living or working environment properly, then the HomEvap Cooler is the solution. This durable device ensures sufficient cooling in every living and working environment for a pleasant indoor climate, allowing you to sleep well during the warm summer period.